Tethered is a graphic novel by David Faroz Precht, Danny Luckert and Lindsay McComb.


Two assholes in Colorado get a second chance to “live” after a zombie apocalypse as “souls” tethered to their zombie bodies. Will they live better deaths than their lives? No.

Tethered is an existentialist zombie original graphic novel influenced by Albert Camus’s The Stranger and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. It was created by writer David Faroz Precht and artist Danny Luckert with lettering and design by Lindsay McComb.

"Tethered reimagines the zombie universe with a terrifyingly dark spiritual twist. Haunting." - Rainn Wilson, actor

“With that we should ask some questions about Tethered. Is it good? Does the genre need it? The answer is yes, absolutely. In fact the genre needs more Tethered and less of that other stuff.”  - The Comics Bastards

Tethered is a completely different take on the idea of zombies, and one met with the descriptive voice of David Faroz Precht and the killer artwork of Danny Luckert.” - All-comic.com