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Trick or Treat yo'self

Happy Halloweens!

We hope you had a very slow and leg-dragging Halloween. May all the brains come to you and require the minimum amount of movement and effort. That's the zombie dream, we're told.

We have a couple morsels of news for y'all on this, the spookiest of days. First! David is doing a Tethered signing Saturday, November 19 at Dr. Comics & Mr. Games in Oakland from 12-5 pm to celebrate Local Comic Shop Day. If you're in the Bay Area, you must come out. Dr. Comics is a fantastic shop, easily one of our favorites. For those not familiar, Local Comic Shop Day is a celebration of the local shops that have provided all of us reading materials and thought-provoking conversations about all things geek. David is honored and excited to be part of the celebration this year.

Second! Tethered will soon be available in Spain. We partnered with Hirukoa in Spain to get the book translated and ready for a European audience. Not in Europe and still want to read Tethered in Spanish? Let the folks at Hirukoa know. They're looking to expand their operations to Central and South America as well. And don't worry, French and German speakers, we're working on partnering with other European publishers to get Tethered into your hands, available in the language you speak. It's our dream.

That's all for now. We hope you had your fill of brains on Halloween and wake up ready for the a morning race after the living. Bye!

David Precht