News, comic con schedule, printing updates and more about Tethered.

Let's talk 2017 (Chicago, watches, high-fiving)

As 2016 comes to a messy end, many of us are considering the possibility of an apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. It was a difficult year for the world and feels like we as a people grow further and further apart. In 2017, the Tethered team is hoping to bring people through the magic of a book about existentialism and zombies and products based on said book. It's bound to work.

So, in the coming year, the Tethered Team are doing some awesome stuff:

  • Watches in the online store!
  • Third printing of Tethered!
  • WonderCon in Anaheim from March 31-April 2!
  • C2E2 (David's hometown) from April 21-23!
  • Rose City Comic Con (3rd year) from September 9-10!
  • More probably!

See y'all in the 2017s!

David Precht