News, comic con schedule, printing updates and more about Tethered.

WonderCon in Anaheim (A-37)

We've been offline for a bit, working on projects and getting ready for the con circuit, and now it's time to spread the news like some kind of incurable viral infection. Let's get communicable!

Tethered is coming to Anaheim!

From March 31-April 2, Lindsay and David will be tabling in Artist Alley (A-37) at WonderCon. We'll bring with us books, prints, paper watches and the ability to sign those things. Come on by and we'll talk and high-five and not spread disease (not a promise).


Our very own Danny Luckert has a new monthly book coming out this month with Cullen Bunn called Regression. Says Cullen "Regression is the first piece of a massive horror epic! Past lives! Dark conspiracies! Sex and violence aplenty!" Go to your local comic shop and pre-order. If Danny and Cullen are involved, you know it's going to be a beautiful, horror-filled tome.

Photo care of  Image Comics

Photo care of Image Comics

That's the news for now.  Next time we'll post pics from WonderCon and deets about C2E2. Stay hungry and shuffling, you zombie hordes.

David Precht