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Whoa, it's been a long time

As the summer months wind down, it’s time for the Tethered Team to emerge from their self-described “we’re-busy” time to hit up some cons; starting in Portland and then Long Beach.

This year both David and Lindsay will be representing at Rose City Comic Con with a table in Artist Alley from September 10-11. They’ll have a nice, updated cover for the book and a couple really exciting goodies. If you were asking about prints, you know, maybe, something will happen. For everyone who came out to Rose City Comic Con last year, we hope to see you again. You were all truly a joy.

The following week (September 17-18), David and Lindsay will be bringing the show down to LA for the Long Beach Comic Con. It’s our first time working a con in LA and we’re really excited to meet people and offer up the highest of high-fives. Also, signatures, books and goodies.

David Precht