News, comic con schedule, printing updates and more about Tethered.

We have a new website

A few big announcements to make:

  1. Yes, we have a new website. Lindsay created this sweet new site for us. You can see a preview, read the news, find out where you can buy copies of Tethered in the wild, and a bit more.
  2. The Tumblr blog will remain. We're not getting rid of the old Tumblr page but we will be using a bit more to post these here blog posts, some art, and random other stuff.
  3. Second printing. We have a great new cover for the book and we're hitting the road with our second printing.
  4. We now have an online shop. You can now order copies of Tethered direct from us. It's all the convenience of buying from Amazon with none of the convenience of Amazon's shipping. Maybe we'll throw in a signature from the team.
  5. The shop will expand. If you're coming to Rose City Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, or Sinister Creature Con you'll experience this in person, but we'll be adding new merch to the shop.
  6. A big thank you! A little more than a year ago, we released Tethered hoping that we'd sell out of our first run. Well, that happened and now we're pushing forward with more, more, more. And it's all thanks to you.

That's it for now. We'll be posting info about the con schedule later in the week. Happy Labor Day!

David Precht