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Escapist Comics Podcast

David was interviewed on the Escapist Comics Bookstore Podcast last week. Listen to his rambling answers, probably getting art questions wrong and love for Marissa Louise, Danny Luckert, Cullen Bunn, Edgar Vega, Lindsay McComb and many others. David was getting over a bad cold so blame all stupidity to illness. Enjoy!

David Precht
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A huge thank you to Cape and Cowl Comics in Oakland. David braved the mid 60s weather and a mild cold to hang out with some amazing folks and talk Tethered for their May Book of the Month. Hopefully David answered your questions coherently and threatened Danny consistently.

We wanted to thank everyone for coming out, supplying David with delicious soup and making a guy feel incredibly welcome. If you haven't gone out to Cape and Cowl, you absolutely must. The staff is so rad and the shop is tops.

Quick reminder, David will be signing books at Challengers in Chicago Saturday, June 10 from 1-3 pm. Come on out, grab a book, then go get some tacos. Tacos are great. See you in Chicago!

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Upcoming events: Book Club, Signing, & Regression release

We have a couple events upcoming and some news out of Camp Danny.

  1. David and Lindsay will be talking 'Tethered' at Cape and Cowl's monthly book club (Oakland) on May 31. "Come by, ask questions, talk about existentialism or whatever," says David.
  2. David will be doing a signing June 10 at Challenger Comics in Chicago.

Issue #1 of Danny and Cullen Bunn's new book 'Regression' is now available and getting some accolades. Head to your local comic shop and check out some pretty, pretty horror comics.

More events to be announced soon.

David Precht
Holy crap, Chicago! Yeah!
My niece, nephew, sister, and brother-in-law arrived and my face exploded

My niece, nephew, sister, and brother-in-law arrived and my face exploded

Here we are, delayed at O'Hare, on our way back to Oakland and I've got to thank Chicago and C2E2. Y'all were/are/continue to be amazing. We exceeded our goals, met some incredible new people, and got some nice weather to boot. Thank you to everyone dropped by, brought great conversations and bought copies of the book.

Special thanks to Cullen Bunn (and not Danny), Jen Bartel, Michael Manomivibul, Newsarama's Pierce (@PELightning), Ramon Villalobos, Brianna Garcia, Ivan BrandonDavid Pepose, and my brother-in-law Ferris (pictured above) for helping at the booth on Sunday.

See y'all next year!

Finally got to meet Cullen in person

Finally got to meet Cullen in person

David Precht
Thank you, WonderCon and Anaheim
David, Lindsay, Michael, and Brianna at WonderCon 2017

David, Lindsay, Michael, and Brianna at WonderCon 2017

Con season is in full swing. It all started with WonderCon, which was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who came out, said 'hi', and produced quality high-fives for Lindsay and David. Can't wait for next year. Also, a big thank you to Michael Manomivibul, Bernard Chang, Judd Winnick, Michael TannerCody Vrosh, Effie, and Josette for being generally awesome all weekend.

In news corner, Danny's new Image book with writer Cullen Bunn ('Regression') and colorist Marie Enger has been featured all over the place. Here's a great interview with Cullen, Danny, and Marie. 'Regression' comes out in May. Make sure you put in an order at your local comic shop.

Lastly, Lindsay and David will be heading to Chicago (David's home turf) for C2E2 April 21-23. We'll have books, prints, and watches for the masses to go along with high-fives and David's traditional Chicago greeting: "What?"

WonderCon in Anaheim (A-37)

We've been offline for a bit, working on projects and getting ready for the con circuit, and now it's time to spread the news like some kind of incurable viral infection. Let's get communicable!

Tethered is coming to Anaheim!

From March 31-April 2, Lindsay and David will be tabling in Artist Alley (A-37) at WonderCon. We'll bring with us books, prints, paper watches and the ability to sign those things. Come on by and we'll talk and high-five and not spread disease (not a promise).


Our very own Danny Luckert has a new monthly book coming out this month with Cullen Bunn called Regression. Says Cullen "Regression is the first piece of a massive horror epic! Past lives! Dark conspiracies! Sex and violence aplenty!" Go to your local comic shop and pre-order. If Danny and Cullen are involved, you know it's going to be a beautiful, horror-filled tome.

Photo care of  Image Comics

Photo care of Image Comics

That's the news for now.  Next time we'll post pics from WonderCon and deets about C2E2. Stay hungry and shuffling, you zombie hordes.

David Precht
Let's talk 2017 (Chicago, watches, high-fiving)

As 2016 comes to a messy end, many of us are considering the possibility of an apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. It was a difficult year for the world and feels like we as a people grow further and further apart. In 2017, the Tethered team is hoping to bring people through the magic of a book about existentialism and zombies and products based on said book. It's bound to work.

So, in the coming year, the Tethered Team are doing some awesome stuff:

  • Watches in the online store!
  • Third printing of Tethered!
  • WonderCon in Anaheim from March 31-April 2!
  • C2E2 (David's hometown) from April 21-23!
  • Rose City Comic Con (3rd year) from September 9-10!
  • More probably!

See y'all in the 2017s!

David Precht
Big thank you to Dr. Comics & Mr. Games
David was extra awkward in his gray cardigan probably.

David was extra awkward in his gray cardigan probably.

We had an incredibly successful Local Comic Shop Day signing at Dr. Comics & Mr. Games. David sold books and prints, shook a lot of hands and had some awesome conversations. Thank you to everyone who came out AND a huge thank you to Dr. Comics & Mr. Games. That shop is the most welcoming nerd heaven around.

It's a strange thing, this creative business. You spend so much time coming up with a concept, writing a script, creating the art and crafting the language that it's easy to forget how difficult the actual selling and marketing can be when you don't have the full might of a publisher behind you. As I (David) set up the table, filled with concerns that no one would be interested, I kept thinking about everything we put into making this book. And then, before the table was even ready, someone bought a copy. It put me at ease and removed a lot of the anxiety of doing a signing for a big event like Local Comic Shop Day. Thank you to everyone.

David Precht
Trick or Treat yo'self

Happy Halloweens!

We hope you had a very slow and leg-dragging Halloween. May all the brains come to you and require the minimum amount of movement and effort. That's the zombie dream, we're told.

We have a couple morsels of news for y'all on this, the spookiest of days. First! David is doing a Tethered signing Saturday, November 19 at Dr. Comics & Mr. Games in Oakland from 12-5 pm to celebrate Local Comic Shop Day. If you're in the Bay Area, you must come out. Dr. Comics is a fantastic shop, easily one of our favorites. For those not familiar, Local Comic Shop Day is a celebration of the local shops that have provided all of us reading materials and thought-provoking conversations about all things geek. David is honored and excited to be part of the celebration this year.

Second! Tethered will soon be available in Spain. We partnered with Hirukoa in Spain to get the book translated and ready for a European audience. Not in Europe and still want to read Tethered in Spanish? Let the folks at Hirukoa know. They're looking to expand their operations to Central and South America as well. And don't worry, French and German speakers, we're working on partnering with other European publishers to get Tethered into your hands, available in the language you speak. It's our dream.

That's all for now. We hope you had your fill of brains on Halloween and wake up ready for the a morning race after the living. Bye!

David Precht
Let's get sinister, sinister. I wanna get sinister...
Tethered  watches? You bet!

Tethered watches? You bet!

We're thrilled to be tabling at Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento, CA this weekend (Sat-Sun, October 15-16). We'll have books, prints and brand new Tethered watches. That's right, we're merchandizing now. We want to thank I Like Paper for making these watches possible. They are so creepy cool, we can't wait to share them with you.

On another notes, this will be our last con for the year. However, we'll be doing a signing or two throughout the Bay Area and hoping to double the amount of shows we attend next year.

Hopefully the world will still be around by then and not overrun by sentient killing machines, considering their actions in life and now in death.

David Precht
'Tethered' went down to Long Beach to sell a bunch of books

Thank you to everyone who came out to Long Beach Comic Con. It was completely awesome to meet and talk with you on the floor. You are so awesome. Special thanks to Boom Studios, Fanbase Press, the world famous Brett Bean and the incomparable Michael Tanner.

David and Lindsay were also able to do an interview with Fanbase Press which can be viewed, visually, below. Next stop, Sacramento for Sinister Creature Con October 15-16.



David Precht
Back from Portland, ready for Long Beach
First to get the new cover.

First to get the new cover.

Despite a quick stop at the Con Crud Shop

We're back from Rose City Comic Con. Portland was fantastic and we were trilled to meet all of you, sign books and talk about zombies, existentialism and what truly makes someone an asshole. We ate BBQ, visited the Rose Garden and had to buy two new tires (ugh). Thank you all for seeking us out. We'll see you again next year.

Until then, we have two more cons for the year and one starts this weekend.

Kings of the Beach

This weekend we (Lindsay and David) will be tabling at Long Beach Comic Con. We'll be splitting a table with the always awesome Michael Tanner at Table S3. We'll have books, prints, high-fives and plenty of conversations about asshole zombies.

David Precht
Back to Rose City Comic Con

It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since I (David) tabled for the first time. I was nervous as hell but the folks at Rose City Comic Con and everyone who came by to talk were welcoming and wonderful.

Excited to head out to Portland again this weekend, but this time we'll have new stuff.

Along with a second printing of Tethered and new post cards, we'll also have signed prints for sale. These are in limited supply and exclusive for Rose City Comic Con. Also, they are gorgeous.

Drop by table Y-09 in Artist's Alley to chat and check out everything we have. See you soon, Portland!

David Precht
We have a new website

A few big announcements to make:

  1. Yes, we have a new website. Lindsay created this sweet new site for us. You can see a preview, read the news, find out where you can buy copies of Tethered in the wild, and a bit more.
  2. The Tumblr blog will remain. We're not getting rid of the old Tumblr page but we will be using a bit more to post these here blog posts, some art, and random other stuff.
  3. Second printing. We have a great new cover for the book and we're hitting the road with our second printing.
  4. We now have an online shop. You can now order copies of Tethered direct from us. It's all the convenience of buying from Amazon with none of the convenience of Amazon's shipping. Maybe we'll throw in a signature from the team.
  5. The shop will expand. If you're coming to Rose City Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, or Sinister Creature Con you'll experience this in person, but we'll be adding new merch to the shop.
  6. A big thank you! A little more than a year ago, we released Tethered hoping that we'd sell out of our first run. Well, that happened and now we're pushing forward with more, more, more. And it's all thanks to you.

That's it for now. We'll be posting info about the con schedule later in the week. Happy Labor Day!

David Precht
Whoa, it's been a long time

As the summer months wind down, it’s time for the Tethered Team to emerge from their self-described “we’re-busy” time to hit up some cons; starting in Portland and then Long Beach.

This year both David and Lindsay will be representing at Rose City Comic Con with a table in Artist Alley from September 10-11. They’ll have a nice, updated cover for the book and a couple really exciting goodies. If you were asking about prints, you know, maybe, something will happen. For everyone who came out to Rose City Comic Con last year, we hope to see you again. You were all truly a joy.

The following week (September 17-18), David and Lindsay will be bringing the show down to LA for the Long Beach Comic Con. It’s our first time working a con in LA and we’re really excited to meet people and offer up the highest of high-fives. Also, signatures, books and goodies.

David Precht
Happy New Years from the Tethered Team!

Well, we did it. It’s been one hell of a year and we wanted to thank you all for your dedication, reviews, shares on social media and buying copies of Tethered for every member of your family (even Fido).

If you haven’t gotten a copy or want to get something special for a zombie/existentialism fan, you can downloadbuy a physical copy online or buy a physical copy at several Bay Area comic book and book shops.

Thanks again for making this year great. We can’t wait for next year!

David Precht
We’ve been reviewed and interviewed

Releasing a book like Tethered hasn’t been easy. It was David and Lindsay’s first book and Danny’s second. It’s not a simple and straight-forward story. The pitch “an existentialist zombie book” always felt weird to say because we weren’t sure how interested people would be in that kind of coverage. Our worry was unfounded, Since we released Tethered, digitally and then physically, we’ve received some extremely flattering reviews. We thought we’d share those with you now.

The Comic Bastards

“With that we should ask some questions about Tethered. Is it good? Does the genre need it? The answer is yes, absolutely. In fact the genre needs more Tethered and less of that other stuff.”

“Tethered is a completely different take on the idea of zombies, and one met with the descriptive voice of David Faroz Precht and the killer artwork of Danny Luckert.”

Nerds of a Kind

Nerds of a Kind video interview at Rose City Comic Con


Shortboxed interview of David

There are also some great reviews on Amazon, where you can also order a copy.

David Precht